we can call her whenever there is a need.

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| March, 13 2018 | for Dana M. Bonezzi, MD

You have heard, I'm only a phone call away. That is Dr. Bonezzi. On a Saturday in October while at my granddaughter's volleyball tournament in Michigan, I missed a step and had excruciating pain behind and inner side of my right knee. I kept ice on it until I could call Dr. Bonezzi on her cell phone. After questioning me, she immediately called the local (and only) pharmacy to prescribe medication to relieve the pain. I would not have been able to have made the trip home the next day of if I would have had to wait until she was in her office on Monday. So thankful she has made us feel like we can call her whenever there is a need. I also appreciate the follow-up call nurse Elaine made in March to see how I was doing after another encounter with my knee. Thank you both for caring.