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| March, 9 2024 | for Gerald J. Kivett, MD
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My wife and I retired in June of 2016 and decided to try being “snowbirds” , 6 months a year in Massachusetts and 6 months in central Florida. With this much time in 2 different locations, doctors in Florida would be a wise choice, already having physicians in Mass . My wife found on line the MDVIP program advertised and liked how the program connects clients to only Premium Physicians. My wife having a history of medical troubles found that statement as the motivation to research the network of physicians affiliated with MDVIP. Doctor Gerald Kivett in Orlando was highly rated and after both my wife and I met with him and his staff, we immediately not only chose him as of Florida physician, but made him our PCP. He and his staff, their attention to detail, the personal care and thoroughness each and every time we require help with these folks is something that neither my wife or I ever experienced with our health care in Massachusetts. In closing, I’m not understating that my wife’s still walking and talking thanks to “our” Doctor Gerald Kivett !