What Makes Dr. Legare Different

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| March, 12 2020 | for Edward J. Legare, MD, FACP
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Dr. Legare is that rare professional who has the ability to make you feel like you are a personal friend, a member of his medical family. When I visit him he makes me feel that I have his full attention and that my health is the most important thing on his plate. For that thirty minutes or so I actually believe it's true, and I'm sure all of his other patients feel that way as well. Thankfully, so far, I don't have a dramatic story to relate of how Dr. Legare brought me back from some health catastrophe. In part, the reason for that has been his sound counsel and advice over the many years we have been together. That is the story and I hope to keep it that way! His sincere and caring interest in my mental, emotional and physical health has been a key factor in educating me and keeping me up to date on nutrition, medication and medical technology. I consider myself blessed to have had Dr. Legare as my primary care physician for over two decades. He will be a toiugh act to follow if I ever have to go to someone else. Doc, thanks for keeping me healthy!