When your doctor knows just how to communicate unsettling information about your spouse!

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| February, 11 2024 | for Stephen Mikos, MD

Last year my wife and I were out walking around a nearby lake when my cell phone rang. I saw it was from Dr. Mikos, so I answered the phone. "Hello Vaughan, this is Dr. Mikos. Is Gillian with you?" he asked. "Yes, she is. We're out walking" I responded. Dr. Mikos then said, "Without causing a panic, I want you to take Gillian immediately to Northside Hospital where they are expecting her and will give her a blood transfusion. Her latest blood work shows low haemoglobin, and she needs to be checked out."

This thoughtful and sensitive communication soon revealed a new cancer, leading to a colon resection. Without our Concierge Doctor, the cancer would not have been discovered until much later – possibly with a far more serious prognosis. With Dr. Mikos's Emotional Intelligence and communication skills, the message was delivered efficiently and effectively, without drama or panic!