Why Dr. Schiff is special to me.

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| March, 6 2024 | for Robert L. Schiff, MD

I would like to celebrate my doctor, Dr. Robert Schiff for National Doctor's Day. He is a wonderful Doctor to me. The past year was a challenging time and task in caring for my elderly mother. Last year due to her heart condition, her health started to deteriorate. It is never an easy task caring for your loved one and seeing her go. When I needed help in caring for my mother since her mobility wasn't great, Dr. Schiff recommended hospice care. They came to our home and monitored her. However, I asked Dr. Schiff can I still call him for help even if Mom's in hospice care? and Dr. Schiff said "Yes". He wanted to still be part of Mom's care. I was so thrilled and thankful for that. I had someone to confide in. I would monitor mom's vitals and email him the daily journals of mom once a week and he would reply. He even used the telehealth to check on her too. What would we do without an internet. Hospice care is great to some point. They are 24 hours on call. However, each time I call them, I had to explain mom's history each time I call. So, rather than repeating myself, it is easier to talk to Dr. Schiff since he knows mom best. He has been treating her and has her file on hand. I can call him, text him, and email him. He always answers. Dr. Schiff was such a great big help in caring for my mother till her passing last year in October. He also comforted me that i did a great job in caring for her. I always second guess myself that I could have done more or better. Dr. Schiff said "no. You did a good job in caring for her. You shouldn't have any regrets." That made me feel better. Even other people told me the same thing so that reassured me. This is my story on Dr. Robert Schiff.