Without Dr. Belden, my high blood pressure might not have been diagnosed!

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| March, 15 2020 | for Terry A. Belden, MD

A few years back, I was experiencing a daily headache over my right temple. It would be relieved by Tylenol, but more than the recommended daily dose. I saw my Dr. (Terry Belden in Myrtle Beach, SC) and everything seemed fine. except for this daily headache that seemed to be getting more frequent (recurring multiple times during the day) and worsening in severity. Advanced imaging was normal, ruling out a life threatening issue.

But Dr. Belden did not stop there. Even though my blood pressure was within "textbook normal" range, he advised that I start a blood pressure monitoring program, which I did. Ultimately, he diagnosed me with "high blood pressure for me," and started me on a low dose of blood pressure medication. Within a week, the headaches were gone, and have never returned. We monitor my blood pressure, and it's now in normal range "for me."

High blood pressure is known as the "silent killer," and who knows what it would have done to me if left undiagnosed. Thank you, Dr. Belden. Your tenacity and persistence in getting to know, and care for, the individual patient is what makes you special. Thank heaven for Dr. Belden!!