Without sufficient warning, dr. dropped my insurance

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| March, 12 2020 | for Ann H. Radcliffe, MD

I received very short notice that my dr. was dropping my insurance effective January 15, 2020. I received the letter on January 14, 2020. No love from this patient. Further, MDVIP will not refund any of my pre-paid fee, even though it was not my fault I was forced to leave the program. I would still be with both had they not unceremoniously dropped my insurance carrier. So, MDVIP, if you dont know what your drs. are doing, shame on you! And, Dr. Radcliffe you should have told me before I scheduled my physical that you were thinking about dropping my insurance. I would not have scheduled the appointment and immediately started my search for a new dr. At 70 years of age and on retirement, $1800.00 is a big chunk of $ to lose. So, excuse me for not celebrating dr. appreciation and MDVIP appreciation day.