Wonderful Caring Physician and Crew

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| February, 17 2023 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

Dr. DeAtkine and his exceptional staff have been working diligently through the years of this Covid-19 mess. Knowing they are always doing all they can to take the best care of us provides a peace of mind I wish for everyone. One can only imagine the toll this must have taken on all of them, and still, they happily and unfailingly continue to provide wonderful care with smiles on their faces. Gina and the office staff are always willing to do everything they can to make medical care easiest for us. MDVIP itself is a wonderful thing, worth the cost, and if all their physicians and their staffs know as much and are as devoted to the good health of their patients as Dr. D. and his staff, I say to everyone - "Join MDVIP." A huge "Thank you" to this wonderful physician and his caring staff!