Wonderful Doctor--Israel Wacks MD

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| February, 2 2024 | for Israel L. Wacks, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Wacks for over 13 years. He is the best in so many ways. I could relate many stories, but chose to mention a few:

1) I had open heart surgery in 2022. I was in intensive care for 7 days. Dr. Wacks visited me and checked my status every day (including weekend).

2)One of our sons, who is a type 1 diabetic was living in Saudi Arabia with his family and was not a patient of Doctor Wacks.He came back to the USA because of some severe health problems. Dr. Wacks saw him the same day as he he arrived and admitted hime to our local hospital 2 hours later.

3)One of our sons, who is not a patient of Dr. Wacks, was with his wife visiting her parents in Northen Idaho a few years ago..They caught Covid, but did not know it until after testing.. Idaho at that time required a Doctor's approval letter before Covid testing. His wife's parents doctor declined to provide the letter because they were not his patients. The testing center was closing in less than 2 hours --we contacted Dr. Wacks and within 30 minutes he provided an approval letter. We faxed this to the testing center and they were tested.

4)One of our granddaughters who was 2 arrived from outside the USA with bad congestion. We called Dr. Wacks and he recommended his children's pediatrition. The doctor saw her and admitted her to a local chilfren:|" hospital.

Dr. Wacks is special in many ways, he was helpful with any health problems. Two of my specialty doctors cal him a "doctor's doctor".
I am fortunate to have found him when we moved to our community.