The world greatest Doctor and motivator!

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| March, 22 2020 | for Salvatore A. Ciliberti, MD
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It is an impossible task to choose just one instance from the past several dozen years that I've had the remarkable pleasure of being the patient of the world's greatest Doctor! Our greatest achievement has been his ability to motivate myself to become the most healthy individual possible. I would not be here today, a healthy 78 years of age, without his motivation, guidance and expertise! I feel I am a Gold-Metal-Winner in a very critical game. A winner whose success is directly attributed to the Coach's expert advice, expert diagnosis, expert treatment and expert motivation, producing life changing results!

I wish on National Doctors Day, in a very humble way, to thank Dr. Sal, my Coach, motivator, and the greatest Doctor ever, for being there in my many hours of need and most all for being my VERY SPECIAL FRIEND!