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| March, 13 2020 | for Richard L. Griffith, MD, PhD

Dr. Richard Griffith (and his team) is beyond exceptional both in his broad expertise, comprehensiveness to detail and his persistence in delivering the highest quality of care. He has literary saved my life twice. In 2006, he found a nodule on my thyroid that even the endocrinologist could not feel. It turned out to cancerous and was removed. Just a few months ago in 2020, he insisted that I have a CT of my abdomen for a possible hernia. Instead they found a small tumor on my pancreas. We used the full capabilities of MDVIP in quickly getting me to MD Anderson. I can safely say today, that he caught this tumor so early that they were able to surgically remove. Dr. Griffith balances everything so well in delivering the highest level of care, with the right technical detail, and the very best bedside manners. He is so very exceptional. Thank you