You have a great personality.

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| March, 10 2018 | for Peter J. Zeale, MD

Hi, Dr. Zeale. As you know, I joined MDVIP only because I did not want to lose you as my doctor. Now that I can't get to New York to see you, I sometimes question my membership. But I really like the way you communicate and make sensible choices and, with this structure, can take more time with me than the other doctors I occasionally see in Woodstock and Anna Maria, Florida. The state of health care is abysmal and seeing you is the one way I can protect myself. So I plan to stay aboard. You have a great personality. You can really connect with patients. Please think about whether there is some way we can foster that connection by email. There are times when I don't want to bother you with a question by making a phone call and waiting for a return. I think I read in MDVIP's communication that you would do that. Your help with prescriptions is also valuable. Anyhow, thanks for being you. You give your patients the feeling that you're a friend, and that's so valuable in today's world. So I'm your admirer and loyal patient. They wanted this message sent by March 18, which is my birthday, the big 90. Now that I'm older and impaired by the broken hip and femur (still can't walk when outside), it's more important than ever to have one doctor whom I can trust.