"You're going to the hospital!"

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| February, 29 2020 | for Gerald J. Kivett, MD

I hadn't felt like myself, but never could have imagined that it was something that required days in the hospital. At my morning workout, I didn't feel strong enough to do anything at all. Others offered to take me home, but I refused. I did call my husband after I got home. He came home from work and said, "we're going to Dr. Kivett's office!" Having MDVIP makes us feel that we can go anytime with only a call to alert them that we are coming. We arrived and were quickly seen. My symptoms were somewhat elusive, but when I collapsed after attempting to stand as directed, it was pretty clear that I needed help quickly. The ambulance was called - to the office! - and I was loaded in for the trip to ORMC. Believe it or not, the ambulance driver got lost on the way! Upon arrival, I was moved into the the ER and parked in the hallway as it was so busy. As it turned out, I had a bleeding ulcer (who knew?) and during the next five days, had at least five units of blood and lots of liquids! I recovered, but probably would not have if not for the quick work of dear Dr. Kivett! He actually came in to see me every day that I was in the hospital and called after I got home. Finding a doctor like him is no easy task. Few of our friends have ever had anyone who treated them and was there for them like he is. My husband has several stories like mine when Dr. Kivett literally saved his life. He has been our doctor for many many years and we are thankful every day. He just cannot be duplicated. Besides all of this, he is a really great guy in every way!! Thank you for being you!!