97% Satisfaction Rate Reported By the Open Public Health Journal for Patients for Patients of MDVIP-Affiliated Practices

MDVIP-Affiliated Patients Are Satisfied with MDVIP

In a study published this week in The Open Public Health Journal titled “The Impact of a Personalized Preventive Care Model vs. the Conventional Healthcare Model on Patient Satisfaction,” 97% of patients of healthcare innovator MDVIP reported they are satisfied with the relationship they have with their doctor, and 95% said they are satisfied with the personalized approach to their health needs. This is in sharp contrast to only 58% of patients who have traditional primary care physicians.

The findings revealed that patients in MDVIP practices:

  • Are more satisfied with the ability to reach their physician any time, during office hours, as well as nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Appreciate the ability to get an appointment in 48 hours or less, shorter wait times and visits lasting from 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Have higher loyalty than patients in traditional practices, reporting their intent to stay with the practice and the likelihood of recommending their doctor to others.

Most importantly, more surveyed members responded that their health improved since joining their doctor’s MDVIP practice, and they felt more in control of their life and their health. MDVIP’s national network of primary care physicians promotes smaller practice sizes to give doctors more time with patients, and to focus on prevention and wellness.

“This annual patient satisfaction survey proves that patients in the MDVIP personalized healthcare model have consistently higher satisfaction levels than patients in conventional primary care practices,” said Dr. Andrea Klemes, MDVIP’s Chief Medical Officer. “This recent study complements our other published clinical data that shows better patient outcomes, lower hospitalizations and savings to the healthcare system. With ongoing changes in healthcare, more consumers are looking for better options to meet their medical needs. The thousands of testimonials we have from delighted patients support our unparalleled satisfaction scores, renewal rates and impressive outcomes, proving MDVIP is a desirable healthcare experience.”

The study was based on a 2012 survey of 16,271 members of MDVIP practices and compared the findings to a 2011 survey of 13,092 MDVIP members, as well as a group of conventional healthcare patients.

The study showed that patients in MDVIP practices were:

  • Statistically significantly more satisfied with their physician relationships (97% in both 2011 and 2012 for MDVIP vs. 58% for conventional or CHC) and were more satisfied with their physician’s attention to what they had to say, explanation of their condition and the amount of time spent with them during their appointments, as compared to CHC patients.
  • Satisfied with the personal approach to wellness (95-96% MDVIP vs. 69% CHC).
  • Significantly more satisfied with their ability to schedule an appointment within 48 hours (85-87% MDVIP vs. 55% CHC), to reach their physician during office hours (90-91% MDVIP vs. 53% CHC) and after hours (71-74% MDVIP vs. 31% CHC).
  • Sitting in the waiting room less than 10 minutes (78-79% MDVIP vs. 41% CHC) and more satisfied with the wait time in the doctor’s office (94-95% MDVIP vs. 52% CHC).
  • Receiving the best care possible (92-94% MDVIP vs. 68% CHC) and more confident in their doctor’s approach to their healthcare (79-80% MDVIP vs. 61% CHC).
  • Inclined to continue with MDVIP, with 90% intending to renew, which corresponds with annual renewal rates over this time period.

“The MDVIP model significantly enables a better patient-primary care physician relationship versus the conventional healthcare system, which ultimately may lead to better health outcomes,” the report concluded.

The report can be viewed at: http://benthamopen.com/ABSTRACT/TOPHJ-8-1

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