MDVIP Appreciates Providing Mothers With Care That Goes Beyond Traditional Primary Care

Janet Tiberian Author
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
May 15, 2016
Happy Mother's Day

As patients, we’re used to our MDVIP-affiliated physicians taking care of us. But they often take care of our family members. In honor of Mother’s Day, we pulled together some patient stories about our moms – and the doctors who take care of them.

Medical Security – from Faye and Jim 
Patients of Dr. Gordon Donaldson in Elverson, Pa. say his focus on health education, superb care and attention to detail has fostered a sense of medical security. One of his patients, Faye, says this was reinforced recently: “Upon seeing another doctor recently with my elderly mother, I soon realized what a privilege it is to have Dr. Donaldson.” 

Out of town visits – from Linda
Care for out-of-town visitors is just one of the advantages some MDVIP-affiliated physicians provide to their members. Linda, a patient of Dr. Russell Neibaur of Henderson, Nevada, is grateful that he tended to her visiting mother. “He saw her immediately and really relieved our minds about her health.” 

Time needed – from Connie
Because they have time with members, MDVIP-affiliated doctors can really get to know their patients, listen to them, understand their issues and come up with creative solutions for their care. Connie, a patient of Dr. Ralph Costa in Voorhees, N.J., really appreciates how he listens to her 95-year-old mother and has helped her with her heart medications.

Help at any time – from Beth
In traditional primary care practices, it’s rare for doctor to be available for patients and their family members at any time. However, that’s how MDVIP affiliate Dr. Sandra Sattin in Ellicott, Md. practices medicine, according to Beth, one of her patients. Dr. Sattin “saved my father from his heart attack, took extra care of my … mother and is always available to my sisters and family members whenever we need her,” she says.

Exceeds expectations – from Susan 
Patients appreciate Dr. Maria Delcambre in Overland Park, Kan., for going above and beyond as well as her ability to treat adults of all ages. In this story, MDVIP member Susan talks about how Dr. Delcambre has treated three generations of her family, including her mother. 

Responds in a caring manner – from Melinda
Patience is a virtue in a physician, especially for challenging patients. MDVIP member Melinda, a patient of Dr. Maurice Greenbaum in of Salem, Mass. says his ability to comfort her family physically and emotionally has eased her stress. “With my Mother in her 90's, I see the … constant caring and benevolent treatment.”  

Since mothers are the most important woman in many people’s lives, we’re glad to provide them with care that goes above and beyond traditional primary care. Have a Happy Mother’s Day.

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Janet Tiberian Author
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