MDVIP Provides Compassionate Care for Fathers That Exceeds Traditional Primary Care

Janet Tiberian Author
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
June 19, 2016
Happy Father's Day

We appreciate the care our MDVIP-affiliated physicians render us. But we’re even more grateful for the care they provide our family members, particularly when they are aging. In honor of Father’s Day, we pulled together some patient stories about our dads – and the doctors who take care of them.

Spends as much time as necessary and exceeds expectations – from Archie
MDVIP-affiliated doctors have the time to get to really know their patients, listen to them and develop a personalized plan to address their specific needs. Archie, whose father is a patient of Dr. John Thompson of Nashville, TN explains, “[he] has surpassed and exceeded all expectations. I could go on and on, but I will summarize by saying all the stuff they say they will do, they do. Dr. Thompson spends time with my dad, which is what he really needs right now.”


Sees people as valuable human beings, not just patients – from Linda and Ben
In a traditional primary care practice, it’s unheard of for a doctor to make house calls. However, that’s how Dr. Timothy Janz, of Punta Gorda, FL practices medicine. In reference to her father’s care, Linda says, “He sees him as a worthwhile individual. He comes to my home and is available at all times for consultation. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” And, according to Ben, whose father also is patient of Dr. Janz, he views "my father as a valuable human being and not just a patient. He has proven himself to be the right choice for us. I could not have found anyone more humanitarian or right for us.”


Smaller practices and no wait time -- from Rosemary
Rosemary, a nurse, is familiar with the pros and cons of the healthcare system and has always credited Dr. Brower with being an intelligent and responsive physician. However, since joining MDVIP, “the difference now is that his practice is smaller and there is no waiting time and I can contact him personally over the cellphone.” When Rosemary’s 95 year old father was extremely ill and needed to be hospitalized, “Dr. Brower played a critical role in his recovery and thanks to his attention to my 95 year old Dad, he has recovered 100 percent from an extremely serious medical condition.”


So much compassion – patients look forward to their visits -- Michael
Michael, his wife and father are all patients of Dr. Eric Huerter of Lawrenceville, KS. In reference to his father’s care, Michael says, “Doc has showed my father so much compassion over his previous doctor that my wife and I are looking forward to our annuals.”


Out of town visits – from Daniel
Care for out-of-town visitors is just one of the advantages some MDVIP-affiliated physicians provide to their members. Daniel, a patient of Dr. Russell Neibaur of Henderson, Nevada, is grateful for the care Dr. Neibaur provided to his visiting father. Dr. Neibaur “treated my father, visiting from LA, when he took a fall and injured his arm,” Daniel says. There have been “countless other times of council and treatment too numerous to mention.”

Since fathers are often the first hero in many people’s lives, we’re glad to provide them with care that goes above and beyond traditional primary care. Have a Happy Father’s Day.

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Janet Tiberian Author
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