Radio Listeners Nationwide Discover 'Health Care versus Sick Care' Benefits of MDVIP

MDVIP Healthcare vs Sickcare

MDVIP CEO Dan Hecht hit the airwaves Wednesday with an important message: Consumers have a choice between health care and sick care.

The veteran health care executive was a guest on a national radio satellite media tour. Dan spoke with station hosts in more than 20 cities from New York, Boston and Philadelphia, south to Orlando and west to Seattle.

American health care is ill. The US spends $2.5 trillion a year on health care, primarily focused on treating people after they become sick. We suffer from “conveyor belt” medicine – waiting three weeks for an appointment and three hours in the waiting room to get what feels like three minutes with the doctor.

He told listeners that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dan spoke of how MDVIP patients enjoy a “no waiting” waiting room and 24-hour availability to their doctors. The typical family practice or internal medicine doctor has 2,500 patients; MDVIP doctors have no more than 600.

Listeners learned about passionate MDVIP doctors who work closely with their patients to create “personalized wellness plans” focused on prevention and wellness, including heart disease, cholesterol and diabetes, among other illnesses.

They heard how “hands on” takes on a different touch with MDVIP. With the help of their MDVIP doctors and attentive staff, many patients have started walking and exercising regularly.

Dan spoke of a woman, 42 years old, whose husband was very ill. She cared for him and her young kids. Her husband passed away and she found herself overweight and not feeling well. Her MDVIP doctor diagnosed her as pre-diabetic. Together they created an exercise and diet plan. After a few months participating in the doctor’s “Walk with the Doc” exercise program, her weight was down, her stress was lessened – and her pre-diabetes diagnosis was gone.

One doctor even invited an elderly patient to come over to his house on a Sunday to toss a football with him and his son when he heard that this was something the patient missed doing.

Dan discussed the “Shop with the Doc” program that encourages patients to make healthy food choices.

Listeners discovered what MDVIP patients already know: Doctors who “take health care out of the exam room” and into people’s lives have the results to prove it.

Hopefully it was a message that resonated with Americans nationwide not only on their morning drive – but also for years to come.

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