MDVIP Personalized Healthcare Model Saves Money & Improves Care: Just the Remedy Americans Are Looking For

What is MDVIP's Personalized Care Model

From the Affordable Care Act and new healthcare laws to consumers improving their own health, Americans are on a mission to cut their healthcare costs – without sacrificing care. A recent study reveals they can get both – and more.

The MDVIP model results in improved outcomes for patients and ultimately lowers healthcare costs in excess of $300 million a year.  With lower hospitalizations and re-admissions – or more than an average savings of $2,500 per member—this far exceeds the members’ annual enrollment fee in an MDVIP primary care practice.

Medicare patients receiving care for such conditions as acute heart attack or myocardial infarction (MI), congestive heart failure (CHF), angina, stroke and pneumonia by MDVIP-affiliated primary care physicians experience a dramatic decrease in re-admissions versus comparable non-MDVIP patients.

What’s more, MDVIP patients can reach their doctors 24/7, have little or no waiting time in the office and can get same-day or next-day appointments. Such convenience leads to higher satisfaction.

“The MDVIP model of personalized, preventive care with smaller practices allows the physician to take a more proactive rather than a reactive approach,” says MDVIP Medical Director Dr. Andrea Klemes. “MDVIP-affiliated physicians have the time to focus on acute, chronic and preventive health issues, and this increased physician contact time results in improved outcomes for patients and ultimately lowers healthcare costs.”

The MDVIP personalized healthcare model was profiled in the first-ever study of hospital utilization, as published in an article published in the peer-reviewed The American Journal of Managed Care (December 2012). The lower hospitalization and re-admissions saved an average $2,551 per member. So, not only do members get better care, but as new healthcare laws mean higher costs to some patients, MDVIP actually saves members money.

As America seeks real savings in its healthcare delivery model – without sacrificing increased attention, patient screenings, favorable results and improved patient satisfaction – the hundreds of millions in one-year savings found through utilization of MDVIP-affiliated primary care physicians could be the medicine we’re all looking for.

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