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By Dr. Andrea Klemes
November 9, 2020
If you’re feeling like the pandemic will never end, you’re not alone. We’re now entering our ninth month since the pandemic officially began — nine months without a vacation, nine months without visits with our grandchildren or elderly parents, nine months without normalcy. This consistent black… See more
November 2, 2020
With the global pandemic entering its ninth month, there’s a disturbing upward trend of new infections just as flu season begins. Nationally, new COVID-19 infections began increasing in mid-October, with the country recording several record days of new positive tests. By the end of the month, the U… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
October 29, 2020
More than five million Americans live with Alzheimer’s dementia. Nearly two-thirds are women. And scientists have spent years trying to figure out why. Turns out – women develop brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease earlier than men… See more
By Janet Tiberian, MA, MPH, CHES
October 28, 2020
It doesn’t look like COVID-19 is going away any time soon, which means it’s important to keep your immune system strong. This means getting good quality sleep, exercising regularly, managing stress and eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.  It also is a good idea… See more
October 22, 2020
While telemedicine isn’t exactly new, some patients are experiencing virtual visits for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic. Why? Many primary care physicians and specialists are using telemedicine appointments in lieu of traditional in-office visits to keep patients, doctors and their… See more
October 22, 2020
Primary care doctors play an important role in your health. They should be the center of your medical team, your starting place for most health care, and the person who has an in-depth knowledge of your medical history and any current health concerns and understands your risk factors for specific… See more
October 22, 2020
How many times have you arrived at your doctor’s office for an appointment and been asked if you’d like to see the doctor or a nurse practitioner? This question may come as a surprise; chances are you just assumed that you’d see your doctor. These days, however, that’s not necessarily the… See more
October 22, 2020
Finding a new primary care physician can be a challenge because so many are booked for months in advance and may not be able to see you quickly. Others may not be willing to see you at all. Even finding strong leads presents difficulties. These tips can help streamline the process and bring you… See more
October 21, 2020
It can be difficult talking about mental health concerns. There is still a stigma attached to mental illness, which may prevent people from getting the help they need. But mental disorders are so common that 1 in 5 Americans will deal with mental illness at some point in their lives—and many of… See more
October 16, 2020
What's your risk for dementia and how can you lower it? Find answers in our brain health center. While we know that exercise has many health benefits — it can help prevent or treat cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and even certain cancers… See more
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