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March 8, 2019
When it comes to your heart health, you probably know some of the most important numbers to watch for: blood pressure, weight, cholesterol – especially low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the “bad” cholesterol. Did you know you should also keep tabs on your triglycerides to help prevent your risk of… See more
March 5, 2019
It’s not exactly news: Heart disease and depression, two of the most common chronic conditions in America, are also linked to each other. Researchers, who have been looking at the connection for decades, know that at least one-fourth of all heart disease patients have depression – many are… See more
By Janet Tiberian
March 4, 2019
Over the last decade, experts have told us getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night can help protect us against heart disease. Ever wondered why? Researchers think they might have the answer. Healthy, sound sleep triggers a mechanism designed to protect your arteries, according to a study… See more
By Janet Tiberian
February 14, 2019
Stress -- you can’t escape it. And it can wreak havoc on blood pressure. Exercise, meditation and hobbies are common, effective stress busters. So is having a social support system of friends and relatives. But if they’re not available,… See more
February 8, 2019
This easy-to-make chocolate cake is dark, moist, rich—and only dirties one bowl! Not quite as easy as boxed cake mixes, but those often contain trans fats. Our simple "from scratch" recipe gives you a home-baked cake with healthful canola oil and whole-wheat flour. Ingredients… See more
By Janet Tiberian
February 5, 2019
You’re probably aware of the toll everyday stress takes on your health. Headaches, weight gain, insomnia – the list goes on and on. But you may not realize how stress affects your oral health. People with greater… See more
January 28, 2019
(BPT) - Many Americans consider themselves well-informed and attentive when it comes to their health. That’s why it's so puzzling that many remain unfazed by the threat of heart disease. That was among the findings of the MDVIP Heart Attack IQ Survey, a national study showing Americans are more… See more
January 27, 2019
It has become clear to me, after more than 35 years of medical practice, that the traditional approach to cardiovascular disease is missing the boat. Just look at these dismal statistics: Heart disease has been the No. 1 cause of death in this country since 1900. Somebody has a heart attack every… See more
January 25, 2019
Alan Reisinger, MD, Baltimore, MD:
There are some unfortunately well entrenched myths about heart disease. Be Strong-Hearted Inspiration Center See more
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