Anthony D. Ciardella, MD

Internal Medicine
360 North Main Street Suite 12
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Anthony D. Ciardella, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My passion as an internal medicine physician is to provide you with highly personalized healthcare. In my MDVIP-affiliated practice you will be treated as if you are a member of my family in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You will benefit from my education, expertise, empathy, compassion and understanding.

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from Laura in CT February 21, 2023 for Anthony D. Ciardella, MD
Image provided by: Laura

Dr. Ciardella (Doc) affectionately referred, Is the kindest doctor/person that we could ever be blessed to know. He and His staff have taking such good care of us over the years. His kind demeanor and listening ear, makes what he does stand out from any other physician that we could have chosen to see. He trained our on Ryan who worked with / for him for May years. It was a bittersweet… See more

from Joyce in CT March 18, 2020 for Anthony D. Ciardella, MD

I have been a patient of Doctor Ciardella for about 35 years. His quick action when I needed gallbladder surgery saved my life. He has been there for me through every illness. When I had a Myasthenia Crisis, he came to the hospital and checked on me every day. I can’t say enough about Doc. He is my doctor, my confidant and a part of my family. Coudos Doc. Don’t know what I would do without you… See more

from Johanna in CT March 12, 2020 for Anthony D. Ciardella, MD

I have been very fortunate to have Dr Anthony Ciardella as my Primary Doctor for almost 40 yrs. He has guided me through some difficult times. Double Mastectomies, back trouble, kidney stones, and recently with Shingles, which I am still struggling with. Never mind all the normal illnesses as flu, colds, bronchitis etc.
He spend all his time with you, so you really feel cared for. He… See more

from James in FL March 12, 2020 for Anthony D. Ciardella, MD

In the spring of 1999 I left Dr. ciardella as he joined MDVIP AS I live in fla. 6months a year and ct. 6 months so it didn’t make sense a pay that fee to see him a couple times a year so my new doctor gave me a complete physical. And said at 76 yea oldi think it’s time to quit smoking I had been smoking for over63 years so I said ok h irate few weeks a had tremors than a suffered from nausea… See more