James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

Family Medicine
2445 North Hayden Road
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412.50per quarter
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I believe the patient must come first. As a physician practicing in the 21st century, my goal is to provide the best possible care with compassion and dignity while never forgetting that the patient is a real person. I know this goal can best be achieved by personalized medical care for each of my patients. I want the best for my patients' health now and in the future.

Dr. Steiner's Credentials

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Scottsdale Healthcare
Scottsdale, AZ
Family Practice 1983
Chief Resident 1982-1983
Outstanding Third Year Resident 1983

Medical School:
University of Washington Medical School
Seattle, WA
Doctorate of Medicine 1980

Carroll College
Helena, MT
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1976
Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society

Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners
Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Scottsdale Healthcare
- Osborn Medical Center
- Shea Medical Center
Clinical Education Experience of Nurse Practitioners, University of Phoenix 2007-present
Clinical Education Experience of Nurse Practitioners, Internship Program, Arizona State University College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation 2010
Clinical Researcher
- Open Label Voltaren Trial 1988
- Open Label Avelox Trial 2000
Past Chairman, Scottsdale Healthcare Family Practice Committee, Osborn Medical Center
Past Member, Arizona Academy of Family Physicians Education Committee
Past Clinical Instructor, Scottsdale Healthcare Family Practice Residency Program
from Louis March 27, 2017 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Steiner and his staff provide the best in timely medical care. I am 75 and have continued to work as a Consulting Engineer in some very remote areas. I really depend on Dr. Steiner's medical judgement and expertise to keep me well. MDVIP's Dr. Steiner and his staff really have made a huge difference in the proactive way I view my health care.

from Lewis March 27, 2017 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Steiner has been taking care of me for many years and I feel a great sense of relief knowing he is my physician, especially as the years go by and the various signs of age start to creep up. He somehow has the knack for being able to evaluate the differences between the small aches and pains that come with age and any signs that may be pointing to something more serious. I have complained… See more

from Larry March 23, 2017 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

I am indeed fortunate to have Dr. Steiner as my primary care physician. He is responsive, an extremely careful listener, and a most effective doc. Having well managed my various maladies, at least one of which was life threatening, and adding the fact I will pass my 81st birthday in another week, it is truly important to have so qualified a physician available whenever necessary.

from Florine in AZ March 3, 2014 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Steiner is a blessing and I cannot imagine this time in my life without him. During an early morning emergency room visit in 2012, he came to the hospital at 6:00 a.m. to check on me. And in the past year, with frequent visits to his office following skin cancer surgeries, Dr. Steiner saw me right away each time. His skill and knowledge across the various disciplines, dispensed with all… See more

from Melba in AZ February 20, 2014 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

The many questions regarding my health and body have always been answered in great detail by dr. Steiner, always with a smile. Thank you dr.

from Karen in AZ February 17, 2014 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

Six members of our family joined Dr. Steiner's MDVIP practice when it started. Three of the six were in need of close medical attention from the onset; two of which have since transitioned into their new world. As you might imagine, we asked a lot of Dr. Steiner. There were numerous trips to the ER and many situations that required Dr. Steiner to come to us. Regardless of the time of… See more

from Miriam in AZ February 17, 2014 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

We thank Dr. Steiner for our highly specialized and personalized care. We are new to Dr. Steiner's practice and feel extremely comfortable with him and his staff. The office staff is always willing to listen and assist with anything we need in a timely schedule. We were a member of MDVIP with our previous internist that passed away suddenly. It was hard to make the change of physician… See more

from William in AZ February 18, 2014 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

My doctor promptly referred me to a skilled heart surgeon and coordinated my valve replacement operation as soon as he determined that my aortic valve was failing. His excellent follow-up care implemented my speedy recovery and enabled me to attend my granddaughter's wedding. I'm the fit-looking grandpa on the right in the accompanying photo and I look forward to being around long… See more

from Scott in AZ February 13, 2014 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Steiner made all the difference in the world during my past stay in the hospital this past week during my phrumonia. I would not have recovered as well as I did without him.

from DONNA in AZ February 9, 2014 for James W. Steiner, MD, FAAFP


and I wanted you to know,
How much i appreciate you,
a real Dr. on the go!

With the passing of my husband,
and Dr. Ritchie, too!
I said to myself, just what
am I gonna do?

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Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year