Anna R. Niesen, MD

Internal Medicine
1034 S. Brentwood Boulevard 10th Floor, Suite 1000
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Anna R. Niesen, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to manage and anticipate your unique healthcare needs. As an MDVIP-affiliated doctor, I will partner with you on a personal level to help you achieve the optimal health we all value. We will closely collaborate on what it takes to stay on the path to wellness. You will feel welcomed by the relaxed, individualized attention you will receive from everyone in our office.

Dr. Niesen's Credentials

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Saint Mary's Health Center
Saint Louis, MO

Saint Mary's Health Center
Saint Louis, MO

Medical School:
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Saint Louis, MO
Doctorate of Medicine 1975

Saint Mary's Health Center
Saint Louis, MO
Gastroenterology 1978-1980

Marywood University
Scranton, PA
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1971
Magna Cum Laude

American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Gastroenterology
Saint Mary's Health Center
Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Quality Assurance Board, United Health Care Midwest
Head of Peer Review Committee, Saint Mary's Health Center
from James in MO March 18, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

I was a health care provider for over 40 years, so I am am very discerning when it comes to my personal doctors. I've seen how the model of patient care has changed for all disciplines. Most providers today are on the clock with little time to look up from their laptops. Patients are greeted by front desk personnel who never make eye contact as they reach out to grab the insurance card.… See more

from Kay in MO March 5, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

Over the course of around 30 years, Dr.Niesen has removed perhaps 20 polyps, some benign and some precancerous. My father passed away at age 63 due to
colo-rectal cancer. I am now 71. Without Dr. Niesen's expertise, I probably would
have passed away at 63 or shortly after. I am eternally grateful to her for watching me so closely. She is a great doctor!

from VICKI in MO March 1, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD
Image provided by: VICKI

Having just recently completing my physical with Dr. Niesen, I cannot say enough good words about her. She is so thoughtful, she treats you like a friend and is very thorough about going over all the reports and explaining them. Her staff is wonderful also and she is a true blessing to have as my doctor.

from Rebecca in MO March 1, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

She is an excellent clinician and a caring person. She always has time to listen. I never feel rushed.

from Susan in MO March 1, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

Dr. Niesen is a very caring, thorough Doctor. She is always available whenI need her

from Donna in MO March 1, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

Dr. Anna Niesen has been my primary care doctor for at least 25 years. She has always been very thorough, thoughtful, and perceptive, following her instincts. Her expertise is the reason my cancer of the appendix was found at any early stage, before it attached to my colon. Her tenacity in following my case was very helpful in my most recent bout with breast cancer. A+ for Dr. Niesen! Donna… See more

from Wayne in MO February 28, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

I have been going to Dr. Niesen since 1983, and of course, have been with her since she joined MDVIP. If there are better doctors than Dr. Niesen, I'm not thinking of who they are. She is a doctor who really cares about her patients, and places a high emphasis on preventive care.

from Bonnie in MO February 28, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

Dr. Niesen has been my primary care physician for over 30 years! I have wittnessed the long days when she might have seen patients for many hours but never seemed tired or in a hurry even when I was one of her last appointments. I have always had great confidence in her clinical judgement and have been grateful for her personal care and concern for my overall well being. Thank you, Dr.… See more

from Rita in MO February 28, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

Dr. Anna Niesen is a compassionate and caring individual. She gives her patients the time needed to discuss issues/concerns about health. When I had bronchitis recently, she went out of her way to meet my needs.

Rita S.

from Pamela in MO February 28, 2018 for Anna R. Niesen, MD

I only have to talk with other people to know what a unique experience I have with Dr Niesen. She listens carefully and for as long as I need when I visit. She returns calls in a timely fashion and often at a very late hour for her to still be working. I feel very fortunate to have had Dr Niesen as my doctor for the last 29 years.