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| March, 13 2020 | for Theresa Vicroy, MD

I think I may have submitted this but I don't remember.I was Dr. Vicroy's 1st patient.We've been together a long time.I have been extremely ill & she has kept me going into my senior years.I've had everything from thrombocytopenia to pneumonia,from Lupus to stiff person syndrome.She has dealt with it or found the right Doc to deal withn it.I was in and out of the hospital eleven times in one year.All different illnesses.I've not been easy on her but she has risen to each occasion admirably.Like I said, I am still going.So,I for one am so glad she decided to come to Houston.So, now I am still getting odd illnesses..like stiff person syndrome...but I hope she still stays at my side fighting for every breath I take until the day I'm done .