Alive today...only by the Grace of God and Dr. Terry Gipson

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| March, 10 2020 | for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

I am 81-years-old, and have been a patient of Dr. Terry Gipson for almost 19 years, the last 4 years since Dr. Gipson became a MDVIP care provider. For approximately 3 plus years I had a low pulse rate...could never get it over 44 beats a minute, even after a vigorous workout or a 15 mile bike ride. Dr. Gipson was very aware of this and monitored it regularly. Since I had been in excellent health and in great physical condition, Dr. Gipson felt my low pulse was due to an "athletes" heart and that didn't have to work as hard. Over this period of time I never felt any ill effects from the low pulse rate. Late in October of 2018, I started having dizzy spells that would last about 10 to 15 minutes each day. I called Dr. Gipson and shared this information with him and he immediately said it was time for me to have a heart monitor to determine what was going on. The next day he had made an appointment with Denver Cardiology and I started wearing a heart monitor. After 4 days I received a call from Denver Cardiology and they informed me that my pulse had gone down to 32 during the night and that I should immediately go to emergency and call Dr. Gipson. I called Dr. Gipson around 9 a.m. and he said he would arrange to see a cardiologist at Denver Cardiology. He said if I didn't hear from them within an hour to call him back. Well, in 45 minutes I received a phone call from Denver Cardiology and they inform me that I was set up for a 1:00 p.m. meeting with a cardiologist that day. When I went to this appointment, the cardiologist had all of the medical information from my heart monitor and explained to me that there are two electrical pathways to the heart and one of mine was blocked 100%. He also informed me that the only cure for this condition was a pacemaker and this had to be done very soon. He said he was going to leave and talk with his scheduling department. After a few minutes he came back and said, "what are your plans for tomorrow"...I said..."I think I'm going to have a pacemaker put in". He said, "you are correct" and we both chuckled. At 1 o'clock the next day I had the surgical procedure to implant a pacemaker. One year and a few months later, I am doing very well and have seen several improvements in my physical condition. I am here today...only by the Grace of God and Dr. Terry Gipson's professional care.