That all makes life as a patient easier.

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| March, 18 2018 | for Anthony L. Luciano, MD

I may have a different perspective than others on what the MDVIP program has meant. That's because I am a doctor as well as being one of his patients. So I have a good understanding of how an office works with time constraints and how medicine has changed over the years. The good old fashion practicing physician is gone in most places. Vanished because of the changed medical system. Physicians are rushed and pressured. With MDVIP that isn't the case. It's medicine like we all remembered, more immediate access, relaxed visits, that extra personal touch. Also the mobile phone access 24hrs. a day. That all makes life as a patient easier. As a doctor myself, when I am with Dr. Luciano, he talks a little more medicalese with me. So I once asked him what MDVIP meant for him. He said it meant being able to practice medicine the way he thought it should be done. The changing constraints of medicine were making that near impossible. He couldn't carry such a heavy load and do it as effectively as MDVIP has allowed him to do with his core of patients. We are lucky he has done this or we might not have had his continued care and that would be a loss to all.