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| February, 16 2024 | for Christopher A. Lucas, DO

Dr. Lucas is a very caring individual as well as being an excellent physician. When my husband was in a rehabilitation facility and I saw something about his physical condition that concerned me and called Dr. Lucas about it. He took time from a busy Sunday with his family to stop in and examine him. Fortunately it was not a serious issue but his presence and opinion relieved my anxiety. He also suggested and conducted Telehealth visits with my husband as it was difficult for him to get into the office.During my husband's illness I had the need to call on Dr. Lucas in the middle of the night several times and he was unfailingly gracious and helpful. In another more recent incident I was traveling abroad, developed a health problem and called Dr.Lucas concerning medications. He returned my call promptly (after hours his time), and answered my question.
I am very appreciative of the fact that he so readily available. He has always provided us with excellent care.