Always By Our Side

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| January, 28 2024 | for Felice Levine, MD

Dr Felice Levine, Rosie and Frankie are so wonderful and we are so fortunate to have them in our lives. No matter when we call and no matter what we need the response is always with kindness, friendliness, compassion and excellent medical care.
Last May I suddenly had terrible pain in my right side and called the office. We were immediately told to come in. Dr Levine examined me and sent me for tests to determine the cause. Immediately after the diagnosis of acute appendicitis
Dr Levine arranged for me to go to the hospital and made arrangements with the surgeon. The hospital was very busy but I was seen and prepared for surgery within a decent amount of time compared to so many waiting. The surgeon was wonderful and the surgery went well. This is one example. There have been many over the years.
My husband has so many medical issues, thank goodness Dr Levine is always by our side guiding and helping us!