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| February, 11 2024 | for Jennifer K. Miller, MD

I grew up in a family of very good doctors, so my standards of care have been high. At age 70 or so, after trying out several doctors in the small town I now live in and thinking I would need to go to bigger cities, I came upon Dr. Jennifer Miller - young, bright, articulate, thorough good-natured, and patient-centered. I was sure I'd died and moved to heaven, but it turns out it's not my time yet! She is attentive to my details and we older people have plenty of them; she is methodical when working on diagnoses and treatment plans; she can deliver good and bad news in ways that humanize the experience. And she has the best laugh of anyone I've ever met. When I connect to her on MDVIP portal, her responses are quick and thorough. Initially, I was not happy she joined MDVIP; I wasn't sure what concierge medicine would mean and whether it was worth spending the money on it. What it means is easy access and it's well worth the money. I'm so grateful I can continue my connection to Dr. Miller. It's been 10 years that I've known her, and while I'm not really aging gracefully, I'm aging well! and that's what really matters after all. She's quite remarkable and she and her nurse Donna make a perfect pair. I and all the other patients who come to the practise are extremely fortunate to have them.