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| March, 18 2020 | for Paul Feldan, MD
Image provided by: Patricia

I've been with Dr. Feldan's practice for many years before MDVIP. He has helped me through common conditions such as laryngitis and other symptoms of a serious cold. One unusual one was treatment for painful burns caused by hot, hot coffee at Disney World. I flew home for treatment instead of staying in Florida. He was greatly supportive when I was diagnosed with low grade bladder cancer. After finding the best treatment, I've been having good checkups. Most recently, I've been having lower back pain. Surgery is not an option. He has been guiding me through the use of the right medications and exercises to make me feel more comfortable. In one instance, I had a severe reaction to a medication. I called him at home on a Saturday. He immediately stopped that medication and prescribed another one. He called me on Sunday morning to check on my progress. I was so grateful that he "had my back."

This kind of service is what I've come to expect from Dr. Feldan. Thank you.