amazing Dr. McMillin (Peoria, IL) and his staff

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| February, 7 2019 | for Matthew J. McMillin, MD

I could continue to tell MDVIP how amazing Dr. McMillin (Peoria, IL) and his staff is. It seems like all people want to hear is that he goes above and beyond for his patients, and his staff is just as caring and dedicated to keeping you healthy as he is...and they are. Okay, so if you only want to know if he is an amazing doctor that has a staff dedicated to putting you first and being sure you are and will live a long happy life they are 100 the office you want to be in. To me that seems too easy and maybe a little generic. If you are a sports fan keep reading because this is the best way I see fit to describe them. If you take 7+15+9=31 I would give them 31/31...get it yet? Maybe this is easier. 23+32+33=88 and I once again I give them 88/88. Give up? Well if you are an NBA fan you are well aware of the numbers of 3 of the greatest players to every play the game, and the ones who coined the name of the 1992 USA Olympic Basketball Team commonly known as the Dream Team. Dr. Matt McMillin which you are probably expecting me to say is the Jordan of the team is actually the one making the magic happen. With concise and direct questions he makes you feel at ease when telling him exactly what is going on and him responding with what can be done to help you get back in the game. Like Magic Johnson's tricks you had to rewind and watch 5x to understand how he just made that play well Dr.McMillin doesn't leave until you grasp why he is asking you do what he is asking you to do. At times even grabbing a piece of paper and breaking it down. When was the last time you left the doctors office feeling like some magic just made you a million times better?The greatest RN ever, Olivia, is who I would deem the legendary Larry Bird on his best day. She makes 3 point shots ending the day like he ended games. While other offices put you off for days, oh not with Olivia in the game. You have a problem that needs taken care of she is staying and working on it until it is done. I would say her patients are her fans but actually we are her family. Who is Michael Jordan? That would be Ms Dawn. If you went to a Bulls game back in the day and Jordan wasn't playing how disappointed would you be? That is how it is when Dawn takes a vacation. She gets the ball moving just like the great #23 did. If you need help when she picks up that phone it's a slam dunk! You know you can relax because she is bringing the ball down the court sometimes all alone and with the demanding assists of whomever she is scoring her patients answers. There you yes do they respect and care about their patients...100. However, I'm going to stay with 31/31 because Dr. McMillin and his staff is my Dream Team!