An Awesome Partner in My Healthcare

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| March, 19 2020 | for Kevin C Thompson, MD

I have been with Dr. Kevin Thompson for several years and appreciate him immensely. For years I have been adamantly opposed to exercising. But Dr. Thompson was able to get me to start exercising recently, which has positively impacted my quality of life. Yes, my numbers have all improved, but how I I feel in general has made the biggest impact.
While my initial motivation was to avoid having to take medications, what really did the trick was the way he explained the potential impact and outcomes of me not being more proactive in my own health. He discussed my options in a way—using humor, being realistic, honest and empathetic—that helped me make the right/best choices for me. I felt like he really was partnering with me to be as healthy as possible.
I appreciate that I can reach out at any time and his response will be understanding, honest and supportive. I trust him completely.