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| March, 5 2020 | for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

I have been a patient with Dr. DeBoard for many years. He has treated my parents and me with great compassion - he always makes time to really listen to what we say and demonstrated time and again, his skill and ability to communicate the importance of taking care of our health. He's always patient and takes the time to explain diagnostic results in terms we can understand. My husband is now also a patient and he thinks Dr. DeBoard rocks! His former doc was always so busy that he didn't feel he could ask questions or state his concerns. Dr. DeBoard's staff, Donna and Xandra are always pleasant and willing to take our calls and assist us in any way they can. We are treated with respect and courtesy every time we call or visit. Dr. D. please don't retire anytime soon...we don't know who will be able to take care of us like you do :) It is with great appreciation and gratitude that we want to wish you a very Happy Doctors' Day!