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| March, 31 2023 | for Stephen A. Hilty, MD
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Dr. Stephen Hilty has been my personal doctor for at about 20 years. My previous physician retired and so I quizzed a neighbor who was also using the same doctor and being a doctor himself he recommended Dr. Hilty. The rest is history!
My wife and I switched over and we stayed with him when he made the wise career moved to go to MDVIP.
He is widely recognized in our area as the top doctor. Why is that? We find him very attentive and detail oriented. He is a great listener and very empathetic. He challenges us to grow our health knowledge and stay fit physically and mentally. He is never more than a text or phone call away. He is widely respected in our medical community and beyond. He networks with the major hospitals in and out of town and won't hesitate to connect us with a second opinion and or specialist.
He is very approachable and naturally quite curious. He cares about both of us and is genuinely interested in our lives, families and such. We would have no hesitation is recommended Dr. Hilty. We feel blessed to have him as part of our health care team!