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Bennie (BJ)
| March, 3 2018 | for Paul R. Smith, MD

I had a double bypass on December 5, 2016. I was released December 12, 2016. I was readmitted December 13, 2016 suffering from CDiff and abdominal distress, a week later I had abdominal surgery and spent a total of 16 days in intensive care. Released December 29, 2016 a week or so later I was readmitted for low blood pressure caused by all of the new medicines. Nine more days in intensive care and I was released. I was in bad shape, weak and had lost 80 pounds. To top this all off I was having problems with the insurance company and losing my vacation time at work because paperwork had not been filed to verify my abdominal surgery and further hospitalizations. Dr. Smith had been my doctor previously and I called to see if I could get back as a patient. I was told Dr. Smith was full and not accepting new patients, but they would check with him. Dr. Smith accepted me and I went thru the registration process which took less than an hour. Within ten minutes his staff called me back and I was scheduled for an appointment the next day. I truly believe Dr. Smith helped to save my life. He greeted me and treated me as a friend, like we had never had a break as patient and doctor. He explained all of my new medications and even found some errors in the directions we had been following. He gave me a confidence in my medical care that had been fast eroding. He treated me as he always had, as a friend, not a patient. He and his staff quickly communicated with the insurance company and got all of the paperwork straightened out. My vacation time was restored and my disability leave was reinstated. The relief of this burden was almost as big as the relief of receiving excellent medical care. I can never thank Dr. Smith and his staff enough for what they did for me, I have no doubt it was instrumental in saving my life. My sister flew in to take care of me and Dr. Smith took the time to answer all of her questions and concerns about my care, helping her to rest easier as well. I've never met or had a better, more caring doctor than Paul Smith. He is what all physicians should strive to be. I am thankful to have him as my doctor and proud to call him my friend. Best care, anywhere!