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| February, 10 2024 | for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD
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We first visited Dr. Andres Sanschagrin in 2018 for my husband, Tomo who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease one (1) year earlier. We were overwhelmed with choices for navigating the most effective course of medications, medical treatment as well as the most helpful Neurologist. Exceptionally pleased at the inception of my husband's care under the watchful and caring attention of Dr. Sanschagrin, my husband began continually encouraging me to join MDVIP for myself, but I continually refused stating that "I will wait until I get older". Eventually however, my husband succeeded in persuading me to join him and become a patient of Dr. Sanschagrin also......and I am so very glad I did, because a few months later I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. So once again, a medical journey for us was about to begin; but this time, the journey commenced following my cancer diagnosis with a very comforting telephone call from Dr. Sanschagrin who in a soft, compassionate and calming voice explained a series of events which would now unfold for me. I'm a breast cancer survivor from 2007, so cancer was not a new experience for me unfortunately and somehow, this uterine cancer diagnosis now seemed not so insurmountable. Blessed with "Stage One" for both cancers, I was able to recover rapidly.....but most definitely not without the medical expertise and compassion of Dr. Sanschagrin in addition to the vast emotional support system of my family and friends. We have three (3) physicians in our family, and my husband Tomo is a retired health professional himself as he practiced dentistry for 39 years. We value outstanding medical care and therefore, we select all of our physicians very cautiously. Dr. Andres Sanschagrin is an invaluable part of our goal to live all our days in the best of health and mind possible. Thank you Dr. Sanschagrin for being the "BEST" Internist in every sense of the word! With genuine appreciation.