Best Primary Care Physician I could ask for

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| March, 12 2020 | for Erlaine F. Bello, MD, MS, FACP
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I became Dr. Bello's patient sometime in the early to mid-1990s, and have never regretted it--except when she lectures me for being remiss about taking care of myself, which is always a sobering, and often embarassing, experience. My routine exams are considerably more thorough than the regular exams I hear my friends and relatives describe when talking about their own physicians. She will answer just about any question I can think of to ask and clearly explains the results of each and every exam and test. She has seen me through a number of serious medical issues, for which I am very grateful. She does her best to stay informed of my visits to specialists (dermatologist, oncologist, etc.), something many physicians don't do. Since beginning MDVIP with Dr. Bello, all the good things she did have gotten better, the thoroughness of examinations has increased, and I am better informed about my own health than I have ever been. Dr. Bello never hesitates to tell you if she's not satisfied with something (e.g., blood pressure, diet, exercise), a trait that I have come to appreciate. She takes the management of my health very seriously, an attitude that encourages me to do the same. Although she is serious, she has a good sense of humor, and it's always a pleasure to see her smile about something. I have no complaints, although I do worry that she will retire before I no longer need her!

Just for fun, I have included a photo of my "Rainbow Stairs." When I mentioned to Dr. Bellow that I had tripped on my stairs a couple of times, she suggested I paint the edge of each step white so it would be easily visible even through my bifocals. I thought white was kind of dull, so I had fun with colors. When I showed her this photo, she said she wanted her stairs to be similarly "decorated".