Bob Dimski and his MDVIP team....just the best!

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| March, 10 2020 | for Robert C. Dimski, MD

I recently took a tumble down our main staircase at home, driving my left knee into the porcelain tile that awaited the rapid stop at the bottom. It was a Saturday evening about 7PM and I reluctantly gave Bob a call on his cellphone. He took over. He advised me how I should move...I was lying on the floor..and be transported to the emergency facility that he recommended. He tracked my progress through the weekend and “greased the skids” in arranging a surgery date with a superb orthopedic surgeon. Not out of the woods yet, though, the surgery date was threatened by high blood potassium and approval by my cardiologist. Bob smoothed the way with a recheck and personal involvement with both cardiologist and the surgeon. Bottom line...successful surgery to reattach the quad tendons to the left kneecap. Four weeks after surgery, wraps, staples and crutches are gone and progress is ahead of the curve....I remarked to my orthopedic surgeon how attentive Dr Bob and his MDVIP staff had been through all of this. He surprised me by saying he, too, used MDVIP and wouldn’t have it any other way.