Brain surgery

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| January, 22 2024 | for Albert Weisbrot, MD, FAAFP

September 2014 I was exhibiting abnormal behavior mostly but not exclusively related to driving. Stopping at green lights, poor judgement at intersections, excessive speed. Abnormal because I had been for 20+ years been associated with the most successful Indy 500 owner and my driving was fast and accurate.
Went to see Doctor Weisbrot Christs GP who did cognitive and movement tests then sent me for Brain MRI. Result came back large Tumor. Dr Weisbrot knew exactly which (surgeon) and where this type of brain surgery was best performed , and immediately got me booked into the Mayfield Brain and Spine consultants. Second MRI confirmed large Mingioma .
Within days went to University Hosp downtown and a few days later to allow health meds to dissipate a surgery date was booked.
Non cancerous large tumor removed. 12 weeks recovering and no driving. Since then now ten years, sight has steadily improved to where I am above 20/20 and no lingering after-effects.
My GP Dr Weisbrot's background and general knowledge of the system was vital in how a this major health issue outcome turned-out. Thanks.