Brian Levy, MD

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| February, 18 2024 | for Brian P. Levy, MD

A few days after Christmas, I became ill with a cough that eventually caused me to tear a muscle in my abdomen. I tried to see my "primary care physician" and the same as happened in August, was told I could be seen in a month! Dr. Levy sees two of my friends and I almost engaged him after the first challenging situation with getting care. But, I did call this time, about noon on Thursday. He said he could see me the next day! What a relief. His kind and gentle demeanor was so appreciated.! He assessed my condition and prescribed meds. He didn't say anything about me not yet being a client. He just wanted to help me get well. Over the next couple of weeks, the "crud" simply would not let go. He took my calls, prescribed something else to help me and still said, don't worry. He even answered a question I posed him about my husband. I can honestly say that I have never had such gracious and thoughtful care from a PCP. I am sad that our system has become so difficult to navigate for people who are not blessed as I am to be able to join MDVIP but Dr. Levy has a disciple in me. He is wonderful.