Christmas Present

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| March, 10 2020 | for Michael L. Hubner, MD

A few days before Christmas this last year my wife started to feel sick. She was very congested and had a bad cough. The weekend before Christmas we had a family get together and she got choked on some water that she drank. The next two days she started feeling a lot worse. Christmas eve morning she was sitting in a chair and looked bad so I felt of her forehead and told her that I thought she had fever. She disagreed so I got the thermometer and sure enough she had 102. i said you need to call Dr Hubner. She said no at first thinking he wouldn't answer. I told her that he had always answered my call or my texts. I got his number and he answered right away. She told him how she felt and that she had 102 temp. He said how quickly can you get to my office. We agreed on 9:30am and made it to his office a little early. Dr. Hubner showed up right at 9:30 and opened the door and let us in. We were to only people in his office since it was Christmas eve. He thoroughly examined my wife and said she had a mild case of pneumonia and prescribed some medication. I feel like he were really lucky to have someone who could see her at such short notice on Christmas eve. Thank You Dr Hubner!!