The Day She Changed My Life

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| March, 13 2020 | for Alice J. Reed, MD

I had been a long distance runner for 40 years In December of 2007 when I got a call from my primary care doctor, Dr. Alice Reed. I had just returned from a 6-mile run feeling so good that I sprinted the last 100 yards. Much to my horror, she told me that the recent lung X-Ray she had scheduled for me was showing my lungs were fine, but that it also showed I had a thoracic aneurysm in my aorta 6 centimeters wide. If it ruptured I would have only a 5% chance of living! She advised that I stop running immediately and schedule the necessary surgery. I scheduled the operation, which was much more serious than I anticipated, for as soon as it could be arranged. Dr. Richard Agnew at Mayo did the 6-hour surgery that replaced the aortic valve and first ten inches of the aorta. I was stunned after my operation when I read details of the all the process and procedures that were required. My recovery, despite my top physical condition, took a full six months.
I credit Dr. Reed for doing the "due diligence" checkup that found the problem and Dr. Agnew for correcting it. Together, I feel sure that those two doctors have extended my life at least twelve years...and holding. Dr. Reed continues to closely monitor my physical condition and has kept me in good health at my age of 89 years. I thank her every time she sees me.