Deliberate and intelligent administration of treatment, including medication.

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| January, 27 2024 | for Scott Yager, MD

I am pleased to request that you consider Dr. Scott Yager, East Brunswick, NJ, for an exceedingly merited recognition, for the provision of medical care of a quality most uncommon. It should be noted that it was Dr. Yager's participation that weighed heaviest in my decision to join the MDVIP network. Since joining, his performance has not only remained outstanding but has more than proven my decision to be soundly justified. Recently I experienced health complications that saw me interned in hospital twice. While not wanting to be premature, I will have to credit Dr. Yager's management of the crisis as primary, in achieving the success so far attained. This would include not only the methodical and tactical approach to the dispensing of medication but, also, late-evening hospital visits during my stay; his personal involvement in aligning specialists and post-hospital visits; his perennial availability; and, providing guidance and direction to ensure my compliance with steps required to regain a normal state of health, among others. I could summarize by saying that Scott Yager humanizes the concept underlying the services provided by MDVIP to a most faithful and confidence-inspiring degree. I would conclude by stating that, as far as I am concerned, I can easily see myself as a member, as long as Scott Yager is a participant. In fact, I recommended membership to my sister, who joined in New Mexico, along with her husband. It would be the greatest pleasure to see well-deserved recognition given to Scott Yager, a most substantial tributary to the network.