Diagnosis at sea

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| March, 12 2020 | for Stephen A. Hilty, MD

My significant other and I were on a cruise that began in Spain when I had the most awful pain in my lower side/back that kept me awake all night. My S.O. suggested I call Dr. Hilty. I was reluctant, given the circumstances and it would mean calling him at home on a Sunday night about 9:00pm. But I made the call and he said it sounded like a kidney stone. I went to the infirmary as soon as they opened, they ran tests and got me started on a course to ease the pain and help me pass, yes a kidney stone. It was fortunate that the problem was resolved since we were headed to Morocco and I was told I would NOT want to have to have medical care in that country.
At my annual physical, we chat and laugh and my appointment is actually pleasant. He's extremely thorough, spends as much time as it takes and I feel we have good communication. He's the best physician I've ever had the pleasure to be a patient of.