Doc. Bob Dimski saved my life!

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William Bill
| March, 4 2020 | for Robert C. Dimski, MD

Doc. Bob has been my family doctor and Airman Medical Examiner (AME) for many, many years. He has ALWAYS gone the extra many miles to insure i kept my FAA Medical Certificate current, even with diabetes T-2, so i can continue in aviation as a instructor and professional pilot. He has continued "above and beyond the call of duty" to ensure the good health and well-being of my family. For several of the last months, i had been having "heart burn" which i attributed to all the junk food i had eaten because Malox usually offered relief. The first Friday of February, i arose early with severe heart burn that Malox would not help. I was in denial of what all the previous symptoms were telling me was about to happen. I hurriedly went to the hospital and then sat in the parking lot as the heart burn subsided. STILL in denial!!! I went home where Doc. Dimski had tracked me down - he had called the hospital emergency room to see if i had checked in yet. At my home on the telephone, Doc. Bob in no uncertain terms, "ordered" me back to the hospital. I arrived at the Emer. Room at about 0800 and by 1030 i was out of the operating room. I had 90% blockage and having a heart attack. Had Doc. Bob not followed up, checking on me, and ordering me to the hospital, there would probably have been dire consequences of which i would not have recovered. I owe Doc. Bob my life, literally, and as an aviator for whom he will help keep me on flying status with the FAA. There is NO better friend and doctor than Doc. Dimski. Thank you Bob!!!