Doctor Gottesfeld saved my mom's life before she was even a patient

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| March, 10 2020 | for Peter M. Gottesfeld, MD

For several weeks following a family vacation to Europe, my mom wasn't acting normal. Without her own primary care doctor, my mom went to the local urgent care facility where she was sent home with suspected with acute food and some nausea medication. My husband and I--both patients of Doctor Gottesfeld and both out of town--weren't convinced of the diagnoses. We texted Doctor Gottesfeld on a Sunday for his opinion. He called us right away and suggested someone immediately take my mom to the Emergency Room. Within an hour my mother was in the ICU on emergency dialysis for acute kidney failure. Doctor Gottesfeld came and visited my mom in the hospital, taking her into his care right away. My mom became a patient herself as soon as she left the hospital. Throughout my mom's subsequent surgeries and recovery, Doctor Gottesfeld oversaw the case with the level of care and personal attention as if he'd been my mom's doctor for years. He literally saved her life and put her on the road to recovery.