A doctor I can trust

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| March, 11 2020 | for Gabriela W. Bowers, MD

Dr. Bowers is the very first doctor I have had whom I completely trust and whom I actually enjoy working with. I can count on a prompt, clear diagnosis when I have a specific health problem and I can also expect to be given a reliable idea of exactly what to expect. She has a wonderfully sensitive manner that relaxes patients and makes them more likely to remember what she has said, which is important because if you're tense in a doctor's office you can easily forget important specifics that you were told. Above all, she is the first doctor who has not made me feel humiliated about having high blood pressure; she has always treated me with great respect and sensitivity in this regard, and I never come away from an appointment with her feeling embarrassed or ashamed about my BP readings. It would be very difficult for me to ever think of having another doctor, and I feel grateful to have access to her on a regular basis.