A Doctor Who Has Always Cared and Gone Out of His Way For Me

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| March, 11 2020 | for Wm. Terry Gipson, MD

About twenty years ago or so (I've lost track!) I first me Dr Gipson and was immediately taken by his manner and care toward his patients. Life is strange and we all go through changes that sometimes are difficult to not only bear, but to understand as well. I have been fortunate in that regard to always be able to speak to a doctor who understood the issues that confronted me and who was better than a good listener, he was and still is a person who you can talk to, who cares for his patients as if they were his family and who always "tells it like it is". Honest, professional,kind, and there whenever needed are good words to describe Terry Gipson, a friend and a great doctor. I hope that I can go another twenty years as a friend and patient to this great doctor and on this day I say thank you to a wonderful person and my doctor, for all the years of friendship and medical assistance that he has given to me...and here's to another twenty years---THANK YOU DR GIPSON!!!!