Dr. Alec Anders: Quick Response!

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| March, 15 2020 | for Alec Anders, MD

I experienced a minor burn on my finger while cooking from an old stainless steel saute pan. It was only slightly sore and filled up with fluid. A few days later the finger started swelling and turned red. I waited a few more days to see if it was going to get better. The Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving I realized it might be infected and called up the office of Dr. Alec Anders. As always, the staff responded quickly and said " of course I would be seen that day." The minute Dr. Andres looked at my finger he knew the infection had spread beyond the finger and hand. He categorized it as a secondary infection and was possibly going to get into my bloodstream. He calmly said I needed antibiotics ASAP and the RX was called in. Dr. Anders was calm and got me to see that it was serious but if handled quickly, it would be fine. He said he was available all weekend throughout the holiday. I did call him one more time, he responded right away. Dr. Anders made me feel calm, confident and in the best of hands from a medical perspective. I am grateful for both MD-VIP and my physician's dedication to his patients.
March 2020