Dr. Anthony Luciano is a Gift!

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Maryann B
| January, 20 2022 | for Anthony L. Luciano, MD

I met Dr. Luciano when a family member, not affiliated with St. Francis Hospital, was hospitalized with the SARS virus several years ago. Prior to discharge Dr. Luciano came in to evaluate this individual's readiness for discharge. His questions, style of exploring the answers to glean additional pertinent information, and his follow-up were outstanding!

Both my family members and I changed our primary care physicians and have had nothing but excellent experiences to date! He responds to calls promptly and takes his time in evaluating test results, patient concerns and questions during a yearly physical.

If one finds oneself in the hospital for emergency surgey (perhaps as a result of shoveling for ones dog!) his presence is reassuring and his oversight and that of his PA were spot-on. It is a pleasure to be a patient within his practice!