Dr. Bralow is the Best

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| March, 26 2020 | for Vicki Bralow, DO
Image provided by: Wendy

In 2016, two days before Thanksgiving, I found out that incidental findings, from an emergency room visit at the end of October for an abscess tooth, were much more serious than I originally thought. As it turned out I had a brain aneurysm and as soon as I was on blood thinners long enough (about two weeks) I would be having a pipe line put in place by a neurosurgeon. On top of that I was also told by a Neurologist that all the recent testing I had done were all looking like MS. All of this from incidental findings a month earlier!
Needless to say, I was a bit of a mess every time I went to see my family practice doctor for a follow up visit. My doctor was Dr. Vickie Bralow who had been my doctor of choice at the neighborhood practice I went to for my medical care since 2005 I believe. I had originally started at the practice seeing her partner but after having one chance appointment with Dr. Bralow (maybe around 2010) I knew I never wanted to have any other doctor but her. Back to my original story! During all the craziness of having surgery, seeing specialists, second opinions, needing to take sick leave, and follow up testing Dr. Bralow was always a calming place for me. She took care of me and looked out for me emotionally, physically and mentally. It was always something I looked forward to when I had an appointment with her coming up. Now, as you can tell from the timeline this was all before she started as an MDVIP doctor but it is vital because all this is why I did not hesitate a moment to say, “I’m in!” when she told me about the switch over to the MDVIP practice.

Fast forward to now and having an appointment with Dr. Bralow is still something I look forward to. It is so wonderful the amount of time she is able to give. A routine checkup feels like a visit with a caring friend filled with health advice and information.

And now, while our city is shut down and we are social distancing, I wake up every day to an email from Dr. Bralow filled with the most up to date information on what is happening with the Coronavirus in our city and in the scientific world along with advice for all her patients and how to reach her if we need. Once again, in a stressful time, it’s my doctor who is there for me.

Dr. Bralow is absolutely the best and I hope to have her as my doctor for a very long time to come.